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LEARN HOW TO MANAGE YOUR FINANCES This trading platform already has a rich history of educating financial experts all over the world Each of the programs in Caliente offer is planned to provide you with the finest learning experience and equip you with necessary knowledge. If there are any additional training requirements you might need, please let us know. The instructor we hired have a long history of practice, and they’ll do their best to transfer that experience onto you. Also, you’ll be happy to know they are available on their phone 24/7 in case you need any assistance.THE BEST TRADING TOOLS In today’s dynamic financial markets it is important to have all the right tools in order to minimize your risk and maximize your profit potential. Simplify the market and make smarter trades with our excellent trading tools. There are two pillars of fundamental analysis that are important for any trader to know and follow: Economic Calendar – The news releases on the economic calendar are published by both private organizations and a variety of government agencies. They are typically in the form of economic data releases, economic policy changes and political events from countries around the world. These news events provide a basis on which financial trading decisions are made. Market News – Market news differs from the economic calendar by focusing on current news events rather than governmental economic data releases or policy meetings. An example of this could be an exciting new product release that could produce significant movement of that company’s stock price — such as the release of Apple’s newest iPhone. The release of important market news typically affects stocks more than any other type of financial asset.