The stocks/shares are part of the ownership of a company and the shareholder owns a share of their profits. Any company listed on the stock market can hold shares. To see the full range of options available in CalienteOption, visit our Index of assets.

Asset / Instrument:

An asset or instrument is any product that can be traded in financial markets. An asset can be a stock, commodities, indexes or currencies whose movement for binary options traders predicted.

In  the Money:

In the money it refers to a correct prediction by the trader. This means that at the time of expiration, the asset ended in the way that had been predicted by the player at the start of the operation.

Out the money:

Out the money refers to a unsuccessful result of negotiations. This means that the option expired with the asset moving in a opposite direction to the prediction.

At the money:

It refers to the neutral result of a trade. This occurs when the option expires at the same value as that originally had when took the bet. In this case the trader investment assets will be returned in full.


The index are indicators of a financial market that represent the overall performance of a group of stocks. These can be traded as an underlying asset. Examples of indices include the american Dow Jones 30, NASDAQ and FTSE 100. For a complete list of index options offered by CalienteOption, please visit our Asset Index.


Are those bulk commodities that are traded in financial markets. They may include petroleum , metals, coffee or grains that can be traded as underlying assets because their values are set internationally. Visit index section for a full list of raw material options offered by CalienteOption.

Middle market:

The middle market price is the average price of the demand (buy) and offer (sell) prices. It refers to the actual market price for the asset, with no dissemination.


The offer is the market price at which an investor can sell an asset. The offer price is part of the formula used to calculate expiry levels.


An option is a contract that represents the right but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset at a specified price on or before a certain date.  The player can operate with any financial product without purchasing the asset itself.

Binary Option:

Binary options are a way of trade where options are traded at a pre-set price. The payment does not affect by the amount that goes up or down.  All that matters is whether increases or decreases in value. When betting with binary options you only should be chosen if the selected asset will go upward or downward for a certain period of time.

Upward purchase option:

Is a prediction that a particular asset exceed the opening price at the time of expiration.

Downward purchase option:

Is a prediction that a particular asset price will go lower than the opening price. at the expiration time.


It is to request the most recently price offered by a market operator to sell an option.

Expiration price:

The expiration price is the value of an asset at the time of expiration. The expiration time is selected when a trader enters a trade.

Expiration time:

The expiration time is the exact date and time when the trade is closed and the option expires. The expiration time is selected when a trader enters a trade.