Privacy Policy

  1. By registering on, the Customer provide his/her personal data and the information needed to prevent the legalization of funds received by illegal means.
  2. The Customer is responsible for giving the correct, accurate and updated personal data, and should not be introduced by other person or company. In the event of a change of data, the Customer is obliged to inform the Company immediately.
  • Customer information that was or will be given by the Customer during his stay in CalienteOption can be used by the Company for sending informational messages to the customer.
  • The data were and / or will be given by the client through their actions on the website can be consulted by the Company and delivered to the organs of state power. The Company will have access to such information only if necessary in accordance with the applied law, the normative act or the solution of the Court in terms of what is necessary.
  • Customer information that does not have the degree of private information can be used for promotional purposes.
  1. Based on a previous condition of performing operations on the website, the Company has the right to request the Customer the delivery of certain identification documents. In the case of not delivering such documents, the Company may block the Customer Account for a period of time or permanent close the account. Without limiting the terms of the privacy policy, the Company may refuse to open an account to any person or company indicating the cause or not.
  2. In the event that a person is registered in CalienteOption with the name of a corporation or other business organization, such registration is considered as a representative of a corporation or organization to which the person is empowered to represent them as the Customer.
  3. The Company has the right to disclose private information of its current or former customers, only in the event that the Customer provides written confirmation to such disclosure, or that such disclosure is required by current legislation or as a Customer’s identity confirmation. Customer information will be able only to employees who are responsible for the accounts of customers. All this information should be stored in digital portals or other portals accordance with the requirements of the legislation.
  4. Customer confirms and agrees that all or part of the information the user account and the operations are saved in the Company and can be used by the Company in the event of any dispute between the Customer and the Company.
  5. The Company may at its sole discretion, without obligation, to review and verify any information provided by Customer, for any purpose. Customer accepts and agrees that the Company makes no commitment to Customer regarding the above in terms of disclosure of information or verification.
  6. Is an obligation to the Company to take action in the creation of procedures and provide protection and keep updated the data, with the objective of protection of the Customer private data and account.
  7. By registering on CalienteOption the customer chooses the user name and password. Since then these are used to access the web site and to carry out operations and use the services of the Company. To save the privacy of information in CalienteOption Customer is prohibited from disclosing customer registration data to other persons or to commercial organizations. The Company is not responsible for any loss or setback suffered by the customer due to improper use (including prohibited or unprotected use) his own name or password, including any use of these by third parties, agents or others.
  8. The Customer is required to access with your name and password. The Company is not responsible for any other use, including verification of the actions that the client is running with your account.
  9. The Customer is obliged to immediately inform a support service Company on any suspected unauthorized use of the Account.

The file “cookie” is a set data is often included as an anonymous unique identifier, that is sent to computer browser or mobile device of the Customer (hereinafter referred to as the “device”) and stored on the hard disk Customer computer. Each website can send your file “cookie” to client browser if this option is enabled in the settings; however, (whether for privacy) your browser only gives possibility to access the website to such files “cookie” which were already sent to the client computer, but not the files “cookie” that were sent by other websites . Many websites use the files “cookie” each time the user enters them in order to track online traffic. Changing the settings and properties of the browser, the client can set the access lock “cookies” to your computer.


During the stay in the website, pages viewed and files “cookie” is stored on the hard disk of the Client. Files “cookies” that are saved on the hard disk can be used for an anonymous identification in the case of repetitive Customer visit the website and for fixing the websites more website views among our customers. However, with the aim of privacy and security, the Company does not store personal data of customers, neither the name nor the name, nor your personal information or post office, etc. Files using “cookies” is a very common occurrence. Currently most web sites use this technology. Files “cookies” that are saved on the hard disk of the client device allow create a more comfortable and effective web site for business customers, giving them opportunity to discover their preferences.